At Kaufamann, Dockrill & Associates we provide Will and Estate planning and will help you achieve your long-term personal and financial goals with comprehensive estate planning advice.

From drafting your will to finalizing your estate, our firm is committed to meeting your will and estate needs. We assist our clients by helping to plan their estates by taking into consideration the various types of taxes which may be payable upon their death and taking steps to minimize those taxes, including capital gains tax, income tax and probate fees. Our friendly and experienced support staff assist in walking you through the details, to make the process of preparing your will or administrating a loved one’s estate, as stress free and uncomplicated as possible. We take into consideration the provisions of the Family Law Act, the Succession Law Reform Act, the Estates Administration Act and various other pertinent pieces of legislation and case law when preparing wills, and help plan your will to achieve your personal plan. Even the simplest estate requires a carefully prepared will in order that the wishes of the testator (person making the will) are carried out in the way that the estate is planned.

For persons who want to ensure that the needs of their dependents and children are met in the event of death, or who have assets of various types such as a home, a cottage, shares in a private corporation, RRSPs and RRIFs, works of art, an interest in a family trust, commercial or rental property, it is essential that extreme care be taken in drafting their last will and testament. A properly prepared will can save and simplify the process later, at the administration stage and provide overall peace of mind.